Ambassador Alliance


The Ambassador Alliance is an exclusive, membership-based advisory board within IEA reserved for distinguished ambassadors who have served their countries at home and abroad.

Members of the Ambassador Alliance will join IEA’s quality network of peer Alliance members made up of select global leaders from the fields of business, government, finance and academia. Ambassador Alliance members are invited to partake in all IEA Programs and events to share their international and diplomatic experience, network with major stakeholders from a variety of fields, and nurture new multilateral and bilateral opportunities that address critical economic challenges.

The interplay between increasing global economic competition and the world’s current economic climate calls upon durable, equitable, and broadly supported solutions to achieve long-term growth and stability. Members will contribute to and benefit from IEA’s Programs and events, helping to create a space in which Members can discuss the critical issues affecting the state of the world economy.

Working with Harvard Professors and Alliance members, IEA has developed a unique interactive approach towards solving the critical business issues, by bringing leaders together in conducive settings via IEA Programs. Ambassador Alliance members have year-round access to IEA Programs, which are simultaneously practical, sensitive to time constraints, and designed to advance the interests of members’ countries and create jobs. IEA Programs include innovative joint research, student outreach and events, such as in-person, online, teleconference, or video meetings, and at the Global Investment Symposium held every September during the opening of the UN General Assembly.

Additionally, Ambassador Alliance members are offered insight on how key global economic trends affect countries’ investment climates through combined market research from Harvard professors and the Insight Alliance.

Members of the Ambassador Alliance are encouraged to hold private meetings during the Global Investment Symposium to discuss the investment climate and the economic policies of the countries in which they have served, hold questions and interact with potential international investors.